Kuranda Bed Drive

Kuranda Dog Beds for Shelter Dogs

Donate a Kuranda Bed

Help our shelter dogs rest easy by giving them a comfortable place to lay until they find their homes. By donating a bed, you enter us for a chance to win a free bed from Kuranda Dog Beds.

Shelter dogs spend nearly all of their time in a concrete kennel which is hard on the joints, particularly for senior dogs. We know you love our pups, so we know we can count on you to rally together with us to give them the comfort they deserve!

Thank you for making the efforts of the Humane Society & City Shelter a success, we have an incredible community of support.

So far, we’ve received bed donations from:

  • Dr. David and Diana Martin
  • Ken and Lisa Boatwright
  • Bill Gilmore
  • Ray & Chris Rice
  • Laura Almon
  • Mayor Jim Thornton

Simply click the image below to go to the Kuranda Dog Bed donation page!