Meet Wolfie!


Hi there! My name is Wolfie, and I’m the resident watch dog at the LaGrange Troup County Humane Society. My job is an important one—I greet people, interact with all the animals, and help the staff get dogs ready for adoption and their forever homes.

I love interacting with people and animals, but I have to fess up and tell you that my favorite job duty is being quality control manager over treats and toys. This, of course, requires me to sample each daily! My job isn’t all work though. Every dog needs some fun and play time, and I shine in this area. I play a good game of hide-n-seek. Just ask my human work buddies, the officers. Yep, my life is pretty darn good living here at the Humane Society!

I’d love to meet you in person. So why not stop by the Humane Society to say hello and let me introduce you to the other dogs? They’re a pretty cool bunch who are eager to meet you and give you love. Some of them might even offer you a dog kiss—if you’re up for that.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. When you come to visit the Humane Society, you may notice that I get around on three legs instead of the usual four. No worries, though. I’ve grown up with three legs and it’s never slowed me down. Gotta run for now. Hope to see you soon!!


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