Youth Volunteers

We love the amount of excitement that younger volunteers express about helping the animals. While they may not be able to interact directly with the animals at the shelter, there are lots of ways to help! Here are just a few ideas:

• Toy Drive – Make posters and place them around pet stores, coffee shops, or on other approved bulletin boards to collect dog and cat toys for the shelter animals. Favorite toys for dogs include, but are not limited to Nylabones, KONGS, rope toys, stuffed plushies, or squeaky toys. For cats, jingling balls, stuffed mice, cat dancer wands, or crinkle toys.
• Towel Drive – Same as above, but collect towels. The shelter always needs towels for bathing animals and bedding for the dogs and cats. Paper towels are great for clean up too! Dawn/liquid dish soap is also good for many things at the shelter and is safe for animals and kills fleas.
• Treat Drive – Collect treats just for fun at the shelter. Packaged dog treats such as Beggin’ Strips and Pupperoni are great to help keep the dogs busy. Smaller treats are great for training. Our cats go wacky over catnip and treats too!
• Clean Carpet Samples – Ask stores that deal with carpeting for their new or gently used carpet samples. Our cats can use the samples for scratching posts or as a comfortable place to sleep.
• Make Cat Beds/Toys – Click here for a link of different cat items you can make.

Once you’ve collected your items, bring them by the shelter to present to the animals. Thank you for thinking of the animals and helping us out, we greatly appreciate your efforts. Please feel free to call if you need additional assistance or have suggestions for different project ideas.